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The infamous scandal arrives in ‘Pam & Tommy’

The infamous scandal arrives in ‘Pam & Tommy’


Pamela Anderon. Tommy Lee. Two of the biggest stars of the 1990s, who would end up in the midst of one of the biggest pop-culture scandals when their infamous sex tape was leaked onto the internet and created a worldwide media storm. And now that story and its dramatic fallout is ready to arrive on the screen in Pam and Tommy.

Watch the new trailer below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

Depicts the marriage between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee following the release of their infamous unauthorized sex tape which was recorded privately during their honeymoon.

Developed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, Pam and Tommy is the true story of the crazy pop-culture circus that came to surround 1990s megastars Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in the wake of their infamous sex tape internet leak and this story looks like a crazy rock’n’roll story of excess and the pitfalls of modern technology.

Seth Rogen is on hand as a sleazy contractor who broke into the stars home and robbed them of private videotapes that showed the stars at their most intimate, and which would change the very landscape of pop culture when it was leaked.

taking on the roles of Anderson and Lee are stars Lily James and Sebastian Stan and both have completely transformed in their respective roles. James especially has transformed from an English rose to that of the sun-kissed blonde bombshell and her performance is striking here in Pam and Tommy.

Pam and Tommy appears to be a wild and crazy new television based on true fact that changed the world of entertainment forever and it’s sure to be an unmissable event when it arrives on TV screens in February 2022.