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‘Game of Thrones’ – Season 8 – ‘The Last of the Starks’ – Review

I didn’t think it could get any better after last week’s triumphant third episode of season 8 of Game of Thrones. How the hell can you top Arya Stark’s slaying of the Night King himself? Well with some serious intrigue of course and mark my words the game is still at play. The White Walkers […]

‘Peaky Blinders’ – Season Five – ‘Black Tuesday’

‘Warrior’ – Season 1 – ‘The White Mountain’ – Review

Things keep changing up on Warrior and this new series is fast becoming the go-to action series that you need to be watching. And now we’re here with episode 4, ‘The White Mountain’ and while there’s certainly the usual amount of fists of fury action. This episode focuses in on our characters and the growing […]

‘Peaky Blinders’ – Season Five – ‘Black Tuesday’

‘Game of Thrones’ – Season 8 – ‘A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms’ – Review

The calm before the storm. That’s where we arrive in episode two of Season 8 of Game of Thrones. The Night King is coming, and the defenses are being manned before the battle between the living and the dead begins. Following on from last week’s shock ending, we pick up with the trial of Ser […]

‘Peaky Blinders’ – Season Five – ‘Black Tuesday’

‘Warrior’ – Season 1 – ‘There’s No China in the Bible’ – Review

The punches keep rolling with episode 2 “There’s No China in the Bible” of Warrior. And they do move fast. As the gang war between the Tong gangs of the Hop Wei and the Long Zii intensifies over the opium trade our hero Ah Sahm finds himself in a most precarious position. The route to […]

‘Peaky Blinders’ – Season Five – ‘Black Tuesday’

‘Game Of Thrones’ – Season Eight – ‘Winterfell’ – Review

It’s here. The final season of the epic television event known as Game Of Thrones has arrived and tonight’s first episode really made its audience sit up and take notice. Titled ‘Winterfell’ this episode had us coming full circle as we came back to the beginning of everything with he impending arrival of a royal […]

‘Peaky Blinders’ – Season Five – ‘Black Tuesday’

‘Warrior’ – Season 1 – ‘The Itchy Onion’ – Review

Warrior has officially arrived and this hard-charging martial arts epic is everything I was hoping for and more. Within seconds of its opening frame, we are introduced to our titular hero Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji), a martial arts prodigy newly arrived from China determined to hunt down a shadow from his past and make the […]

‘Peaky Blinders’ – Season Five – ‘Black Tuesday’